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Committed to deliver excellence in everything we do!

Be it any of our business domains supporting handicrafts industry, assisting right technical talents match right career paths, social and corporate events. We are determined to contribute to our community, economy and society in a meaningful way.


ACE MATES AB is a register company operating under MATES Holding AB.

ACE MATES AB is a young company aiming to champion the post effects of pandemic on our society. The pandemic has impacted everything adversely right from our individual lives to professional life and even the community living.

At ACE MATES we are taking relevant actions towards increasing yours and ours happiness gradient in all these areas..

We started our journey by focusing on Arts. Art is something that connect humans without any barriers and prerequisites. We successfully launched in year 2020 and able to connect the liking of ART and the artist across geographies. Visit to view our range of handmade arts from our craftsman and their lovely creation.

Culture is something that every individual relates to. Cultural alignment is the key to be successful in any allences be it industrial or Social. We started MATES events with the vision to build a cross cultural society by conducting events promoting cultural integration across the regions. Visit to know the list upcoming events

Scandavian regions is a dominated and home of large, industries and and innovative engineering. Where India is a ffast growing stable market with unlimited opportunities. Digital been the one that we all know server as the foundation of it. We started HiTechMates to server the need of Digital & Engineerign workforce. Visit to know more

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