ACE MATES AB is a young company aiming to champion the post effects of pandemic on our society.
The pandemic has impacted everything adversely right from our individual lives to professional life and even the community living.
At ACE MATES we are taking relevant actions towards increasing yours and ours happiness gradient in all these areas.

With our art venture ‘Soul of Scandinavia’ we strive to go beyond the geographical barrier and make available a single platform for people across Scandinavia to experience and appreciate Indian Handicrafts along with its creator as well as the place of origin.
We have pledged to support such skilled and hard working artisans. All the profits are ploughed back towards the social welfare of our artisans and their families.
At ‘HiTechMates’ we are committed to assist right talents to match the career paths they aim for. HiTechMates will be live soon for you to join and know more about.
With ‘MatesEvents’ we are bringing some more fun to our community with creative events and activities. Upcoming events will soon be published on MatesEvents.
Be it any of our business domains Arts, Careers and Events we are determined to contribute to our community, economy and society in a meaningful way.

Its our goal to touch 25,000 lives by the end of year 2025!
We are ready to make it work with more ‘ACE MATES’ across the globe!